Steps to your ISO Certification

checklist required to obtain iso certifications in sri lanka

How do I get my business
ISO Certified?

ISO certification is an external certification body, such as ourselves (partnered with G-Certi, Korea), certifying that a company or a business follows one of the internationally recognized ISO Management systems. You may wish to implement a management system for a variety of reasons. You might enhance your tendering success, enhance internal efficiency, cut expenses, or simply demonstrate your credibility to potential consumers.

Certification Procedure

The overall process for the certification audit

After reviewing a standards, scope and number of employees employees, we ill send the certification proposal about audit days and costs.

 Shall inform prospective clients of certification procedure and requirements related
with certification issuing through Certification Guide.

After receipt of the application and contract agreement will be signed.
After the signing of the contract, each requirement between clients and Shall be met reviewing certification contract
and clients requests.

Audit planner composes the audit team according to
“3.3 Audit Team Composition” after reviewing the audit scope, the schedule, the auditor’s competence.

The stage 1 audit shall be performed to audit the client’s management system documentation.
The purpose of the stage 2 audit is to evaluate the implementation, including effectiveness, of the client’s
management system.The stage 2 audit shall take place at the site(s) of the client.

G-CERTI Co., Ltd. shall provide ISO.LK with its decision or comments regarding the eligibility of each G-CERTI Co., Ltd. Client for Certification in writing after receiving the audit report regarding that client.

The date of the first surveillance audit following initial certification shall not be more than 12
months from the last day of the stage 2 audit.

 G-CERTI Co., Ltd. shall provide ISO.LK with its decision or comments regarding the eligibility
of each G-CERTI Co., Ltd. Client for continuing Certification in writing after receiving the surveillance report
regarding that client.

 A Re-certification audit shall be conducted in every 3 year, and shall be audited within
valid date of certification.

iso certification audit in sri lanka

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Gcerti.lk is a global partner of G-Certi system service, ISO certification awarding body based in Korea, with the main goal of providing value for expanding businesses around the world, and the only East Asian ISO certification awarding body in Sri Lanka.

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